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yes especially femmeslash ships

irresistable poison and scrolling yeaka on ao3
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i have band practice during this next week so i won't be on much, but i do have gifsets queued and should be on enough to reblog things


he offered her the world. she said she had her own.

micah | 15 | INTP | she/her

i wish i was cooler constantly and i have a bunch of dumb thoughts about draco malfoy and remus lupin



make me choose: Fred and or George Weasley?

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what is the interview called where brendon urie is talking about the demos panic! sent to pete wentz? thanks xxx
For your alphabet gifset, you could use obligated! :)

i think i’m going to yeah!!! thank you!!!! also i really love your blog and wanted to say i don’t know why i wasn’t following you before c:

the worst thing about the marauders is everything about the marauders

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think about remus and sirius in a tiny flat together after they graduate, dancing around with each other to the hall & oates song ‘you make my dreams’ like in their fucking underwear, laughing their asses off and smiling like nobody’s fuckin business

it’s important

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Obsessive, opulent, observant, orthodox, ostentatious… Any good?

yeah mmm opulent and ostentatious could be good thank you!!!

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okay so i’m making a draco alphabet gifset and i was wondering if you had something that related to draco and started with o?? feel free to shoot me an ask or reply im super desperate!!

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If we like this post will u check out our blogs ;)

yeah!!!!! if anyone wants me to i will


For Beka and Alice

The Magic Begins
↳ 18: A ship you like but think everyone else doesn’t: Ransy


yeah i’m a Male Feminist ;) sex positive ;) pro porn ;) express yourself babe ;) don’t let the patriarchy stop you from sending me nudes ;)


the thing that really worked about harry, hermione, and ron was that they were all the uncomfortable third friend

me: *loses followers for not supporting strictly white feminism*

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white women when you derail a conversation about uplifting, supporting, protecting, loving black girls, and black women with “All girls, all women” you are the equivalent of when men derail your conversations to say “not all men”.